Ruby Lindner - the imagery of color in motion



Ruby Lindner has a cross-cultural soul and sensibility. A first generation American with familial and cultural roots in Germany, Ruby grew up in the mountains of Colorado. She spent her college years in Paris, and her twenties in Berlin. Ruby moved to Seattle in 1989. In Seattle, Ruby discovered the ideal environment to support her need for inner balance. The ready access to nature and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest felt like home, feeding her body and spirit; while the vibrant and varied arts and cultural community, nourished her mind and imagination. The artistic expression of her cross-cultural pollination makes for an eclectic aesthetic. It is punctuated with the color, rhythms and humor of the duality of her life experiences. Those experiences play out directly in her abstract paintings.


Ruby has been painting since the early 2000s. In early 2014, Ruby moved away from representational painting and began a focused exploration of abstract form and flow in bold colors, experimenting with spatial relationship of shapes on larger canvases. She works in both acrylic and oil paints, depending on my mood and the effect she is trying to achieve with any given painting. Acrylic paint allows her to revel in immediacy, permanently holding each gestural pass of the brush or knife with the paint’s quick drying qualities. Working with oil paints, she can lose herself in their cream quality and rich pure colors that allow for infinite blending, flow and textural possibilities. In both media, she uses brush work and palette-knife texturing to explore the interplay between complimentary and discordant colors. By making use of a range of contrasting color combinations, she is able to express the sometimes flowing, sometimes clumsy, rhythms of motion and emotion.


Ruby’s work is held in private collections across the United States, Canada, Germany, France and the Island of Réunion. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and public exhibits in the greater Seattle area and in Ventura, CA. Her paintings are included in regular exhibit at Fogue Gallery in West Seattle, Fogues Studios and Gallery in Georgetown, Tsuga Fine Arts in Bothell, and ryan james fa, artwork subscription program in Kirkland. Her wearable artwork textiles based on her oil Flow series, have been featured in Aspen Magazine and have sold in Aspen, CO and Santa Fe, NM.


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